Simulator Package Large


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Product information "Simulator Package Large"

The Simulator Package Large includes a Net Return Pro Series V2 golf net, Smart Line hitting mat, two side barriers, simulator screen and matching simulator blackout.


The Net Return golf net, automatically returns the ball to the player and handles ball speeds of 362 mph.

Size golf net: 2,43 m wide - 2,30 m high - 1,10 m deep

Weight golf net: 13,2 kg


The Smart Line hitting mat is ideal for indoor games, protecting your floor and wrists.
Dimensions: 1,50 m long - 1,50 m wide - 3 cm thick

The side barriers ensure that misses do not leave the impact area. The side barriers are supplied in pairs and can be set up straight or at greater angles as required. The side barriers are set up using sandbags. Four sandbags are supplied, one for each side barrier and two more for attachment to the back of the frame. If the side barriers are not needed at the time, they can easily be slid into the front of the frame to reclaim lost floor space.

The simulator blackout provides an easy way to turn your golf net into the ultimate golf simulator box. It provides the necessary darkening of the background for brighter and clearer video quality.

The simulator screen turns your net into a simulator screen in no time. Play your favorite golf courses easily and from the comfort of your home.
Velcro straps make it easy to use and attach to your golf net.

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